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Thread: The best laid plans.........

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    Its Sunday. Having a Mean Time in Greenwich.
    No road is safer than the one I just robbed. (Mexican Proverb)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rod View Post
    Have I posted this pic before????

    Bar in Mandello.

    Attachment 2033

    Beers were nice. Check #7

    Attachment 2034
    Can't see any black beers in that lot.

    I could understand you walking into that pole at the train station.

    Yellow and black stripes is almost cammo.
    The Mexican Cabal:
    no jugar bien con los demás

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Butterfly View Post
    Its Sunday. Having a Mean Time in Greenwich.
    Been there. I thought it was just average.
    La vida es como un sándwich de mierda. Cuanto más pan que tenga, menos mierda que tienes que comer.

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    whadayou guys think? ................. we start an International Pilgramage to the Moto Guzzi Factory in 2021/ It cAn be a "ship your bike to- strategic countries, and ride em masse" or buy an unused Guzzi somewhere in Europe, pillion if you can't afford ride/shipping etc, start from some historical place in each country - a racetrack maybe, (Strategically selected) and ride en masse to the Guzzi factory, take over all the hotels/camp grounds. nearby and PARTY!

    Seriously, Guzzi or Piagio (or whoever owns Guzzi at the time aren't gonna do it. It's up to us to organise. It's up to YOU to organise. Let's make it bigger than Sturgis and show the world what an AWESOME brand Guzzi is. Anyone in?

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    We could make it the BIGGEST Bike Rally EVER! We have 4 years to get ready for the best holiday of our lives. Let's do it!

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    Yes it would be very cool, Corsica is a must though.

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